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Commercial Property Insurance

Insuring your Commercial Property is vital to your business and is imperative to protecting one of the largest assets of your company.  Bogart & Brownell works closely with you and your business to accurately cover your property and its contents when damage occurs.  Automatically including coverages such as Inflation Guards, Personal Property of Others, and covering the Actual Loss Sustained when an interruption in your business occurs helps to set Bogart & Brownell apart from the competition.  Contact Us today to learn more.


Unbeatable Service

We take the time carefully review coverages and help to make recommendations that can improve your policy and protect you in the event of a loss.  We go above and beyond to make sure your business has suitable coverages to meet your needs.  In addition to your building and its contents, we even help to protect and provide coverage for:

·         Glass & Lettering

·         Signs, Lights & Clocks

·         Fences, Walks, and Unattached Outbuildings

·         Trees, Shrubs, Plans, and Lawns

·         Personal Property of Others

·         Electronic Data Processing

We Work With You

We understand that different businesses have different exposures and are subjected to different risks.  As an agency, we work with multiple carriers which specialize in different types of Property Insurance.  While one may be better suited for your business than another, we have the capability to shop and obtains the best coverage for the best price for your property.  If you would like to receive a quote, please click here and we will contact you to review your needs and put together a sound policy that will properly protect your business assets.

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